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May 2, 2023 in Behavior Therapy, Care Givers

Why are Our Special Needs CareGivers Important?

We are a home health agency with a team of highly qualified, dedicated and deeply passionate caregivers. We have made it our lifes work to provide our clients with the optimal home health services and care that they truly deserve. We work hard to provide reliable and quality services right in the comfort of our clients’ home. Our clients are our responsibility, and we sort to create lasting impressions and relationships with them. It is also our utmost priority to provide special needs caregivers qualified in giving maximum care to people in need.
Our services designed to assist individuals with Quadriplegia, Down syndrome, Autism, and many others. All our staff are certified and are willing to do whatever it takes or go the extra mile to make our clients comfortable and satisfied. Below are some of the services we provide.
Respite Care
When the usual caregiver is unable to attend to the patient, the family can request for respite services from us. The service is meant to help a family when there is an expected reason as to why they cannot temporarily take care of the patient. A special needs caregiver will step in to offer temporary assistance to a family in such a case. A respite, however, cannot be used as after school care for the patients. Respite care is also available for patients who are older than 21 years of age if included in their support service package.
Waiver personal support includes assistance and training of the client in daily activities such as bathing, preparing meals, dressing, and undressing. The patient may prefer to add more services in their plan. The assistance may include lighthouse chores such as, meal preparation, vacuuming, make beds, shopping, and laundry, which are essential to the patient well-being. Services also include respite care for persons of the age of 21 and older and who have their families living with them. The services offered by certified and qualified special needs caregivers include taking care of the patient’s home. Making sure it is conducive for the patient’s well-being by being clean and safe for them. The service may also include doing the heavy work such as lifting heavy loads, cleaning around the house such as floors, windows and more. These extra chores make the surrounding of the patent more comfortable. This service also gives patients a chance to be part of community-based activities. They would also have access to community resources that they would otherwise not be part of if they depend on unpaid support systems. This service will serve both the patient and the family by giving them a chance to take a break from caretaking and provide the patient with the feeling of being part of the community entity. CMS
This care service offers patients the assistance and training to handle activities of daily living (ADL) medically. The special needs caregivers assist them in achieving the goal of doing activities they would typically never accomplish without the assistance and training of caregiver. They assisted in performing age-appropriate instrumental activities of daily living (IADL). Some of the activities included in the preparation of (ADL) are, eating, drinking, bathing, dressing and undressing, and use of the restrooms. The instrumental activities of everyday life include money management, personal hygiene, meal preparations, light housekeeping, and grocery shopping. This service gives the patients a little more independence and confidence when they can accomplish tasks that they usually wouldn’t. Families of the patients can lessen the amount of time they spend ding these activities for their loved ones since they can do it themselves.
Life Skills Development Level 1
This service’s recipients are adults that are 21 years and above. It includes services such as socializing experiences, non-medical care, and supervision. It also provides access to community activities and resources that would otherwise be hard to access without the help and guidance of this service. Patients who go through life skill developments will have a better quality of life and lead lives that are normal, with increased confidence and self-sufficiency. This service is scheduled regularly
Behavioural Therapy
Behavioral therapy is straight forward in what it includes. It entails the following. Behavioral helps in minimizing the child’s challenging behavior and teaching them how to control their impulses and emotions. This therapy helps the child have some sense of control and calmness in them. Behavioral assessment and plan that is carried out by a licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst that helps in the development of a strategy to better support the patient. Collaborating with parents, guardian, and caretakers of the child to find level ground on better care for the child. Behavior analysis also aids in providing time structured activities, utilizing principles of reinforcement to achieve a goal and assisting the child in engaging or maintaining appropriate behavior. Engaging in proper conduct helps in building good character in the child.
Behaviour Analysis
From home, services offered that help patients learn and replace behaviors that are related to already existing challenging practices. This service will help the patient in development and increased quality of life. Mainly includes observation of behavior in changing the environment and assisting in learning how to maintain acceptable behavior. Some of the services offered in behavioral Analysis that aid in accomplishing the behavior changes and maintenance include: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), mental health services, parenting classes, parent support groups, social skills group, and RBT training.
Private services
Some of the services offered include respite care, life skills development, personal assistance, behavioral assistance, and many more therapy services. Requests should be submitted beforehand to be reviewed by management. Our special needs caretakers consider all our clients and patients like family and therefore the quality of services given in the comfort your home are top-notch. We go above and beyond to ensure that clients and families feel the impact and difference in our services. We aim at being the number one preferred home health agency with our work speaking for itself. We hope to extend the angels touch and influence others to do the same and be a helping hand to those in need, whether they are a special need caregiver or not. Allow you to assist in making this world a better place by making it a little better and more comfortable for people with special needs, and it is our passion.

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