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May 2, 2023 in Down Syndrome

Top Personal Care Service in Miami

Personal Care Service
In this day and age, it is very difficult to find home care specialists you can trust. It is equally hard to find those that are qualified to handle this type of professional work. This is a growing problem.
We at A Special Angel’s Touch know about this problem and have taken great steps to provide your loved ones with the care they need. We offer the best personal care services you can find in the Miami area.
Our experience and track record will speak for themselves. You can’t find a more trustworthy care service in this area.

Our services
Over the years we have been in operation, we have been learning. The lessons we have been taught help us perform our duties better and allow us to offer the following services for your loved ones:
#1. Personal Support- our professionally trained staff work hard to provide the personal support service that enables our clients to build on their strengths. Our staff provides the support our clients need to help them live in an environment that allows them the most freedom to be who they are.
The goal is to help our clients and their families to live as normal of a life as possible.

#2. Respite Care- This is a temporary service that fills in for those clients unable to care for themselves and their full-time caregiver is absent or in need of relief. Part of the service is to take care of any home duties that the client cannot do themselves.
The length of the contract depends on several factors and will include how many days or evenings our services are needed each week.
#3. Home Care Service- This is our long-term assistance program. Our home care program involves two aspects of home life for those in need of assistance:
Activities of daily living (ADL):

  • Eating (oral feeding and fluid intake)
  • Bathing/Grooming
  • Dressing/Undressing
  • Toileting/Elimination Needs
  • Transferring
  • Maintaining Continence

Instrumental activities of daily living (IADL):

  • Personal Hygiene
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Meal Preparations
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Money Management

#4. Behavioral assistance/therapy- this service provides our loved ones with behavioral issues to meet individually with our professional Licensed Counselors and Social Workers.
Our service works with all age groups and genders from children up to adults as well as different behavioral ailments. For example, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Learning Disorders, and more.
#5. Art Therapy- This is a new service that we offer. It is based on the proven fact that artistic and creative outlets help improve social and motor skills. Art therapy helps get rid of the frustration many special needs children and adults feel when they cannot find a way to express themselves.
Plus, it provides a safe outlet for when they need to express their negative emotions while providing a positive impact on their cognitive abilities.
#6 Music Therapy- This is another new service we offer and it is an important service for those children and adults with special needs. Music therapy helps to improve the mood of the special needs person. That is not the only positive aspect of this therapy.
By learning to play different instruments, a special needs person can also improve their educational performance, develop their social skills, and much more. It also helps to reduce aggression and hostility in these same special needs children & adults.

Our skilled staff is ready to serve
Our company provides the best in service because our skilled staff is trained for all levels of special needs care. We take pride in hiring the best and most professional staff possible. They are trained in the following areas:

  • Home Health Aides (HHA)
  • Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)
  • Behavioral Therapists (RBT)
  • Behavioral Analyst (BCBA/BCaBA)

When you entrust the care of your special needs loved ones, you know they are getting the best treatment and support possible. They are all well-trained to handle the duties that come with their health care specialty.
Some of those duties involve basic household chores every family has to do each day:

  • help with eating
  • help with bathing
  • help with dressing/undressing
  • help with the preparation of meals
  • and more

The cost of our services
The cost involved will depend on many factors:

  • the level of care
  • length of the term for our services
  • goals for each care level

You would have to talk to our manager to see how much your service contract will cost and the specifics involved with each level of care. If you have any questions, our contact information is listed on our contact web page on our website
Have your questions ready so we can answer your questions a lot quicker. Your special needs loved ones are important to you, they are also very important to us. For the best care, call us now or make an appointment to talk to one of our specialists.

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