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May 2, 2023 in Activities

Resources for Elementary School Students with ADHD

Elementary school students with ADHD may struggle in the classroom. It is hard for them to sit still and focus. With school closing down all over the country it is hard for parents to educate their child with ADHD. These are some resources to help parents educate their elementary students with ADHD and keep them engaged in their lessons. These tips will be especially helpful for those that suddenly have to teach their child at home.

As the schools are shutting down even if its temporary parents need to be prepared. Teachers do provide virtual instruction and lessons, but it is still up to the parents to make sure that the work is being completed. There is no real plan for this for parents. Having an elementary level child with ADHD can make this even more difficult.

To help a student get used to learning at home there are some tips and a schedule to help them get through the day and get ready to learn.

When the child wakes up they should be given time to prepare for the day. This includes getting dressed and having a high protein breakfast. They should follow the same routine every morning.

These are some tips to help parents
* Once the child is fed, they should engage in some physical activity so they can release some energy. The parent can take the child for a walk around the block or even follow a kid-friendly exercise video online. Any type of physical activity will work. The child should be allowed to move or exercise for around 15 minutes.

* After the physical activity reading instruction can begin. There are some great books for children so have fun reading to them and acting out the characters. Reading Rocket is a site that offers some free books. To help supplement instruction K12 Reader has instructional resources. Libby partners with local libraries to offer free books online. Reading instruction should last around 30 minutes.

* can be a struggle for some children especially for those with ADHD. Study Ladder has literacy lessons that are engaging and interactive. To keep the child interested the parent can log onto ABCya which offers some great interactive games. They are fun and will keep the children entertained.

* After this lesson, the child may be getting a little antsy, so it is time for another movement break. The child may play some kickball or shoot some hoops. This break should last around 30 minutes to allow the child to move and get out stored up energy.

* Going back to school day history is a good place to start. National geographic kids have some great videos to show. There also some museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art that offer great tours.

* After social studies, it can be time for fun. In the school building, there are art classes, music, and a gym. This is a great time to learn some crafts, be creative, and work on some self-control. Scholastic has some great crafty ideas that are organized by grade level.
* After crafts, it is lunchtime. The child can help prepare some meals and some recipes will help the child with focus. After lunch, there can be a break for recess and time to play. This can go on for 45 minutes. There are some sports videos to watch and if the weather is nice it is a great time to get outdoors.

* Math is an important subject that needs to be covered. Due to the common core math can be a little tricky for some parents. Khan Academy is a great resource for math lessons and so it Illuminations. Math class should last for an hour between instruction and practice.

* After math class, science can be done. Some great hands-on science experiments can be done. has some great science lessons as well as Learning for Kids. Science can go on for half an hour or until the experiment is done.

* After science, another half-hour movement break can be given some the child can get out some energy and refresh their mind.

* The final part of the school can consist of enrichment activities. This can include dance lessons online or even lessons.

* Once school is done the child can be given some chores around the home so they can learn responsibility. After the chores, they can be given some screen time or be allowed to do another preferred activity. This should be allowed a half-hour for this. After fun time will be dinner.

* After dinner, the child should be allowed some more screen time. KitLitdTV has some interesting and educational programs for kids. Combined with this should be some family time. The family can get together and do something fun such as play a game.

* The parents should help the child develop a routine for bed. This can include taking a bath or washing up. After washing up it is bedtime. There are sound sleep solutions for kids and some tricks for an easier bedtime.

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