A Special Angel’s Touch provides music therapy as a form of expressive therapy for special needs individuals. Individuals with intellectual disability, visual or hearing impairments, autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome and other diagnoses all have specialized needs. Music therapy provides treatment goals that are both personalized and developmentally appropriate. Music therapy sessions have been credited with helping to reduce score on the Aggression/Hostility. Music Therapy have shown to improve mood, educational performance, social skills and overall functional expression.

Group sessions focusing on music therapy can help with self-expression while giving them a creative outlet for their frustration and anxiety. It can also increase school performance and focus as they are given a boost of confidence that leads to increased success and decrease feelings of depression or despondency. Everyone has a voice through art, including non-verbal individuals. Expressive arts awaken a one’s imagination and creativity to help him discover who they are and how to engage their senses. Also brings a sense of calm to the body and positively impact mindset, interpretation of surroundings, and emotional state. Putting their feelings into art therapy give them a safe outlet for negative emotions through an enjoyable activity, which accelerates the healing and growth process; expressive arts are not just for coping, they also have great effects on development.



Medical and non-medical services for

Children and adults with special needs and development disabilities

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