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May 2, 2023 in Home Care

Home Health Care Services in Miami

Parenting isn’t the coolest task in the world, but it certainly is rewarding. Parents typically spend most of their time trying to take care of their kids. Some of the tasks that parents perform on their kids regularly include feeding and bathing them, helping them with their assignments, dropping and picking up them from schools. The list of tasks you carry out as a parent is endless, and as the dinner is prepared, dishes cleaned up, and laundry finished every night, parents are already tired thinking about the following day.
When parenting a special needs kid, the daily list of tasks changes and frequently increase. You will encounter more medic visits, therapy appointments, as well as health issues that bring constant stress and worries. What most parents don’t know is that they can get assistance and support from home health care services. A Special Angel’s Touch Inc. is one of the best home health agencies for children’s with disabilities in Miami.
About Special Angel’s Touch Inc
It is a home health service that offers non-medical services for kids and adults with developmental disabilities and special needs from the comfort of their homes. The mission of the organization is to provide home health services to children who have Autism, Down syndrome, Quadriplegia, among others.

If you are residing in Miami-Dade and Monroe County in Florida State, you can get our services efficiently. We have the best and experienced staffs that offer your kids the physical, mental as well as the emotional support that they need.
The good thing about our team of staffs is that they are bilingual. They are fluent in both English and Spanish. Every individual we get onboard is insured, screened, and bonded for various qualification purposes.
The Importance of Health Care Service for Children with Disability
A Special Angel’s Touch Inc is available for you whenever you want. We give parents assistance that can help them ease stress and tension that can be harmful to their own health. When you seek our assistance, here is what you receive;
• Respite Care – it is common for parents and their special children to require respite care. Whether you require a nursing assistant to tend to a kid with a special need or assist with special needs tools, we have a host of qualified individuals to take up the task. We want to come to your residence for a scheduled amount of time and allow you to take some time to yourself or other friends and family members.
• Behavioral Therapy – behavioral services comprises of behavioral assessment and planning whereby a certified Behavioral analyst gives the services. By providing behavioral therapy, a child is assisted in engaging in proper behaviors. Angel’s Touch also provides structured time activities to lower the kid’s challenging behavior.
• Companionship – spending time with children requiring special needs can make a massive difference to their overall well-being and health. If you are extremely busy to provide companionship to these kids, look for us to offer company to your kids. Listening, counseling and talking are known to relieve some of the issues disabled kids face daily.

What Benefits do Families Who get Assistance from Us Enjoy?
The Family Gets Peace of Mind
Whether you work ten minutes away or on the other end of the city, you will always worry about your disabled kid where you aren’t around. Angel’s Touch offers personalized, one-on-one care that a sole caregiver isn’t able to give full time. By doing this, we guarantee you total peace of mind.
We Oversee the Daily Life of Your Child
We always keep an eye on your children and identify changes in their condition, like sudden weight loss, refusal to take meals, forgetting to switch off the lights, medication mismanagement, among others. This type of accountability can make a huge difference in avoiding accidents and preventable health issues, especially where the kid can’t communicate properly. Our staffs are trained to act swiftly whenever a problem comes up. We Support Independent Living of Your Kid By offering continued personal care, Angel’s Touch is able to assist kids with special needs to continue living comfortably, socially, and safely at home. This is essential as it boosts the confidence of the kid.
Who Gets The Benefits?
Asking for assistance isn’t a straightforward task. This is so especially when you want to be a good parent and take care of all the responsibilities, including yourself. If you have a kid who requires special needs, remember that the benefits are there whenever you need them. You should be honest and inquire whether the needs your kid requires are offered. Of course, there are some insurers out there who will cover for these services based on the kind of disability of the kid. You shouldn’t struggle to keep up with the needs of parenthood. If you require any assistance, give us a shout. You can call today and schedule a free in-home examination.
Why Us
We not only offer services to disabled kids but also adults living with a disability. The success of our company and customers is based on the quality of our team of experts. We always provide our customers with the industry’s best home health care services so that they have a smooth home care experience. Our entire team is dependable, compassionate, proficient, and above all else, honest. We know that you are entrusting your special kid’s well-being with our services, things we take more than just seriously.

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