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May 2, 2023 in Down Syndrome

December Is National Safe Toys And Gifts Month

December Is National Safe Toys And Gifts Month
Did you know that the month of December is National Safe Toys And Gifts Month. In December, we like to focus on the benefit of safe toys for children. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is responsible for making sure that products are safe for users to consume. They have established a very secure toy safety system. They require third party laboratories to conduct testing on toys to make sure there are no dangerous toys that end up on store shelves for people to purchase for children.
The efforts of the CPSC make it easier for parents to purchase toys for their children. This is because this commission has took it upon themselves to set standards and guidelines of what kind of toys are available in the marketplace for children. Parents should shop confidently this holiday season knowing that toys have been vetted to be made of the safest quality.

Below we have some tips that you should keep in mind while shopping for toys for children.
Ballons are popular items that get purchased. Ballons are commonly purchased for special events. These special events could be during the holiday season or this special event could be for a birthday. Ballons can be a choking hazard. If a child is under the age of eight then you should keep deflated balloons away from them.

Children love toys they can ride on. Toys like scooters, skates or skateboards are very fun and exciting to children. However, these toys can cause falls. Make sure children are comfortable with riding on these toys. Make sure they are not going to fast for their comfort level. Safety gear exists for children to wear when they are using these types of toys. Require children to wear helmets when riding on one of these toys to protect them in the event of a fall.
Any type of toy that has a magnet should not be given to small children. Play sets that have magnets are not super safe for children. If the magnet set is high-powered, it is best to not let children play with them even if they are marketed towards children.

Below we provide some tips on what to do after you open gifts.

If your child is on around-the-clock medication, ensure you carry those. Have enough medication to last the entire holiday and some days after if you get stuck out and cannot go back when you intend to. You will also need to go to the doctor and have them get a full body checkup if they have anything that needs to be treated. Ensure your child takes their meds in the intended schedule and monitor their vitals. Staying near a hospital will help if you notice they are coming down with something. It also helps if you carry their diagnosis if they need to be seen with a new doctor. That way, any new drug administered will not mess up with the current treatment plan.

Treat them the same

  • Once you unwrap a gift, you need to immediately discard of the wrapping paper. Any wrapping paper or plastic may catch the attention of a child. You do not want children to think these items are fun toys to play with.
  • Toys that are appropriate for older children may not be safe for their younger siblings. Keep these toys separate based off of the age groups.
  • Do not leave children alone with battery charging. Adults should be responsible for battery charging. Battery chargers can cause thermal burns if used the wrong way. Read the instructions on battery chargers. Some chargers can overcharge and overheat. These are not safe to be left around unattended children.

Safety Guides You Should Look Into
The CPSC offers so many resources to help you make effective decisions when making purchases. The safety guides they have provided are great sources of information. They have posters, handbooks and safety alerts for people. The best part is that their safety alerts are free.

Below is a list of some of their safety guides:

The choking hazard safety guide is a great one to look into for learning how to prevent children from choking on plastic film that comes on toys. The fact sheet they provide is helpful info as well. Understand how dangerous magnets can be when ingested by checking out their guide on that. Their electric toy safety guide is something you should really look into if you allow your children to have electric toys.

Safe toys are the best toys. Helpful guides exist so you can make sure you are buying the safest possible toys. Make sure you make effective choices this holiday season by purchasing safe toys for your children.

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