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May 2, 2023 in Behavior Therapy

Common Questions to our Therapy Center

Children with Autism, Down Syndrome, and any other disability need special care and attention. A professional therapist can work with these children to help them learn social thinking and skills, connect with their emotions, and boost their self-esteem, among others. But before taking your child to any therapist, you should research to ensure that they are well-trained and capable of handling your child’s needs. Here are some common questions to help you determine whether a therapy center is perfect for your child.

How Is Your Service Different from Other Centers?
Children with disabilities need dedicated attention and support. A good therapy center should focus on a child’s individual needs to help prepare them for the challenges they may face. As a parent or guardian to a child with special needs, it’s your responsibility to find a center that fully focuses on your child and their needs, as well as your entire family.
A Special Angel’s Touch offers personalized behavior therapy for children with learning disorders, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and other conditions concerned with behavior and development. We aim at enhancing the quality of life for these children and their families so that they can live as comfortably as they should.

Can I Pay Using My Insurance?

While therapy is a necessity for children with disabilities, paying for the sessions can be very expensive. Thankfully, some private health insurance plans can pay for a portion of these treatments. Also, Medicare and other public health programs can offer some financial assistance to cater to the cost.
If your insurance covers such therapies, you’ll be better with a center that accepts insurance. A Special Angel’s Touch center works with several insurance companies to help families provide excellent support for children with special needs. Even if you are not covered, we can work with you to give the best resources to your child. Whether you have insurance or not, reach out so that we can find the best solution for you.

How Do I Tell Whether Your Therapies Suit My Child?

Children with disabilities respond to therapy in different ways. The right kind will depend on your kid’s unique needs. To determine which therapy suits your child, you should seek an evaluation with their therapists, which is why this question is essential.

Therapy centers offer different therapies, including family-focused treatment, exposure and response therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc. Let your preferred therapist explain to you what each kind means, then work with them to determine which suits your child best.
Our therapies are focused on working individually with the children and their families to help them grow together. A Special Angel’s Touch uses excellent practices and developments to offer the best behavior therapy services.

Where Do You Do Your Therapy Sessions?
Some centers can offer their sessions at home or school, depending on the arrangement you have. Both provide individual attention to your child, although they do that in different ways. But for a child with a disability, we recommend home-based therapy or that taking place as the center, as it includes specialty services such as sensory integration and neurodevelopmental treatment, among others. Plus, these places offer great environments for learning and copying to special needs children.

Our sessions are offered at our center, but our professionals can also conduct them at home. Also, note that although it is not a must for the whole family to be present during the session, we encourage them to be involved. We also offer parent training upon request.

Can You Go Beyond Your Familiar Routines If Need Be?

Therapy centers use a specific routine to support children with special needs. But because everyone is different and responds differently to therapy, there are times that routine will not work. For instance, if their sessions usually take 50-minutes, ask them if they would be willing to reduce the minutes to say thirty if it would be appropriate for your child. This is especially helpful for children who have a problem focusing on one thing for a long time.
A great therapist will be willing to stretch outside their usual routine to help a child with disabilities. And this question will help you know whether they can do that.
A Special Angel’s Touch offers a customized program for your child to help them with their ongoing development and learning.

How Will Therapy Help My Child?

Although children respond differently to therapy, it should at least positively impact their lives. Therapy should help your child gain coping skills, make a connection with their mind and body, gain self-regulation and self-esteem, among other things. Although the therapist cannot tell you the exact time it will take to observe some changes, they should explain to you how the therapy will help your child.

We tailor our services towards the individual needs of a child to connect and build with them. We develop a personalized plan for your child to help him/her and your whole family get through the process.

Will My Child Need Therapy Forever?

Continued support from the therapist is essential for a child with special needs. However, the sessions will not be as intense as when your child is starting the therapy. Confirm with your therapist how long your child will need intensive support.
It’s also best to consider centers that offer therapies in a language that your child is exposed to at school. Additionally, ask whether they provide their service in your area.
Our behavior therapy sessions are in English and Spanish, and we offer services to Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe County in Florida.

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