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May 2, 2023 in Care Givers, Home Care

Checklist to guide parents when kids with special need return to school

When it is time to return to school, your special needs child might face anxiety, and you could help them overcome it by allowing them to talk about their feelings. You could help them establish a routine that includes regular sleep and regular feeding time. You could get the school supplies that meet the needs of the child and check school programs to ensure that they meet the learning goals. This article could guide parents to help kids with special needs to adjust to the school routine. Read on!

• Establish a regular sleeping routine

Weeks before school re-opening, it could be prudent to start your child on a regular sleeping pattern that helps them get tuned to waking up early in the morning and sleeping earlier at night. You could have relaxed the routine during the holidays or when homeschooling, and this could have offset your child’s sleeping pattern. You may wish to establish a precise bedtime for the school year that ensures that your whole family is up when they should be going to school. If your special needs child is older, it could be prudent to give them an alarm that helps them practice waking up on their own. Your partner could also help you wake and prepare the special needs child in the morning.

• Insist on better nutrition

You should promote better nutrition that will help the child stay healthy, full, and alert at school. You could achieve a nutritional plan for your special needs child by having meals regularly on time and creating a school lunch menu for the first week of school. You may let your special needs children pick their favorite snacks and choose healthy foods to be included in the diet.

Shop for school supplies

You could create a list of supplies that your special needs child could need, as their needs could vary from those of the rest of the children. You could plan a fun school shopping trip with the special needs child, and they could remind you of the supplies that you could easily forget. .

Check the school program

You should check that your school offers unique programs that provide positive educational needs for your special need’s child. You could visit the special programs and choose one that meets the needs of your child. You could also take time to learn more about the program and work with the school staff who could provide programs that are tailored towards the kids with special needs. Ensure that the school can adjust the options offered to the child after they start the program, and you could evaluate the progress once the child has returned to school. .

Encourage your child to share their fears

Allow the child to express their fears and help them practice coping skills that can help them concentrate and learn effectively. You could encourage your child to overcome the anxiety that arises when returning to school by role-playing the coping skills. Let them focus on the positive aspects by noting down the things they liked the most during their return to school, and this could help them develop a positive attitude. You could also practice calm breathing with the child and encourage them to use this technique when they are faced with challenges. You could also design cognitive coping cared that a child can use to cope with anxiety and challenges when returning to school. .

Support learning at home

Your school should adjust the IEP goals when the child is learning at home, and you should be patient with virtual meetings and design creative ways of making the zoom classes work. You could create visual support that helps you talk about your schedule and new routines with the child. You could use learning techniques at home that incorporate social stories, photos, and let them get frequent breaks and time for their personal activities. Your home class should include a workspace that meets the physical needs of your child, and this could consist of devices such as small fidget toys.

The bottom line

You could help your special-needs child adjust when they return to school by allowing them to talk about their anxiety and helping them practice some coping mechanisms. You could let the child pick their school supplies that meet the educational needs. Moreover, you could check the school programs to ensure that they meet the needs of the child. Furthermore, it could be prudent to have the child on regular sleep and meal routine that will allow them to adjust easily when schools re-open. .

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