A Special Angel’s Touch provides art therapies is a form of expressive therapy for individuals with special needs. Creativity spawns from imagination and imagination makes way for invention along with better ways of accomplishing things. For individuals with special needs, how they deal with the world is different from the rest of us, but there are definite ways to soothe their fears while helping them improve on a number of levels. Using art therapy with autistic children has been shown to provide positive results in developing their social and motor skills, developing art projects gives them an outlet to explore their emotions. Everyone has a voice through art, including non-verbal individuals. Expressive arts awaken a one’s imagination and creativity to help him discover who they are and how to engage their senses. Also brings a sense of calm to the body and positively impact mindset, interpretation of surroundings, and emotional state. Putting their feelings into art therapy give them a safe outlet for negative emotions through an enjoyable activity, which accelerates the healing and growth process; expressive arts are not just for coping, they also have great effects on development.

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