ABA Therapy

A Special Angel’s Touch INC will provide clients at home with Applied Behavioral Analysis which can consist of services provided to assist a person to learn & replace new behaviors that are directly related to existing challenging behaviors or functionally equivalent replacement behaviors for identified challenging behaviors.

BCBA provides a range of services for children and adults with disabilities and their families. They work to provide a range of applied behavior analytic assessments and clinical services for a variety of disabilities and disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorder. For example:

  • Provide consultation and training to caregivers.
  • Conduct assessments of clients, and design individual support plans.
  • Responsible for coordinating, scheduling and continually evaluating the effectiveness of a functional assessment, behavior plans and their progress.
  • They ensure valid data systems are implemented and data is collected regularly and effectively.
  • Completes all necessary documentation and develops written reports documenting behavioral recommendations and goals.
  • Responsible for developing and training supervisees.

The assistant applied behavior analyst (AABA) works closely under the supervision of an applied behavior analyst, working under their supervision, their role is generally supportive in nature, as they assist Board Certified Behavior Analysts in the data gathering process, the maintenance of records, and the administration of specific assessments under the direction of the applied behavior analyst.

For example:

  • Assist the behavior analyst in completing assessments and developing ABA therapy programs.
  • Collect and analyze data and make suggestions of changes for the Analyst as needed.
  • Implements treatment plans.
  • Monitor and record client progress.
  • Complete reports detailing the progress of an ABA program.
  • Monitor the need for client reassessments or needs for referrals.

An RBT works closely with his/her supervisor to develop the highest possible level of service. They are responsible for the direct implementation of the behavior therapy under the direct supervision of their assigned BCBA. For example:

  • They will collect different forms of data and utilize appropriate measurements.
  • Work on the goals and objectives that the supervisory team has developed and determined important.
  • They will assist with parent and caregiver training in line with their client’s individualized treatment and behavior reduction plans as instructed by their supervisor.
  • Will educate the parents on early intervention information if needed and in measurement.

Implement the individualized treatment plan created by the BCBA in collaboration with the BCBA and therapists to ensure optimal outcome.

Through this program, children with special needs will still be able to receive their services once they reach the age of 21, they will not be turned away and thanks to this program will still have the treatment they need and deserve. Waiver also provides related support services such as community integration activities, respite care, and socialization. It allows parents to take the lead and help design the program and selecting service providers based on the client’s assessed level of need.

Ahca allows your child to receive the Behavior Therapy they need when they are eligible for Florida Medicaid Insurance when they are under the age of 21, helping them to learn speech, communication, and life skills while helping them eliminate problematic behaviors.

Allows us to give your child all the same care and opportunities to learn, socialize and catch up to their peers through their private health insurance.


Same options of international therapy is for the families to travel to the location of the agency in Florida. This allows the agency to work with the client while the family also has time to vacation or do business in the wonderful places Florida has to offer. While the family is also trained to continue after their departure.

If travel is not an option for your family, the team has the option to travel to your location and offer the services, such as therapy, consultations, and training in a place where the client feels comfortable.

If travel is not an option for either party, technology also allows us to provide treatment over the web. Such as conducting assessments, developing treatments, training others to carry them out, and monitor treatments, progress, and goals.

With private therapy, clients can have the same benefits of receiving their ABA therapy if they are not eligible for insurance by self-paying for the services.

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